Ractive.js Alternatives.

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UPDATE: I am moving to Svelte - it ticks all these boxes for me.

I'm on a quest to replace ractive.js with a smaller alternative that doesn't require a build step.

This is a recurring thought pattern for me, usually after I've been exposed to a whole bunch of devs spruiking the latest thing on twitter.

I really like ractive, but I think there are lots of features in ractive I DON'T use.

I don't care about server side rendering. I don't like the build steps which as far as I can see have just been introduced to compile lots of different javascript libraries into a single bundle.js.

I do like components. I do like the template language that ractive uses, which is based on mustache.

I like being able to add css to a component that just applies to the component.

I like being able to extend a component so I can put common functionality in a core component, and then add or modify that core as required in the extended component.

I like being able to communicate between components, which I currently do very poorly in ractive, and I think that is because I haven't done much to work out how it works.

I like using proxy events to make things happen.

I think there's could be a better separation between the view part of my code and the data handling part of my code.

The UI is only for visual handling of data, whether that be displaying or collecting it. The only logic around this layer should be around validation of if the display or collection of that data was successful.

The next layer down, business logic, looks after the manipulation of the data being used by the app.

3kb minified and gzipped. Zero dependencies


I don't know much about this library yet.